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Active Myofascial Therapy™


Active Myofascial Therapy

Active Myofascial Therapy™ is designed for individuals experiencing chronic or acute pain Level 7 or above due to neck, shoulder or back injury. Client's interactive participation is required to address specific muscles.  

AMT™ guarantees to:

 (a) reduce muscle pain

 (b) improve flexibility 

 (c) increase range of motion with realistic goals.  




Active Myofascial Muscle Therapy

Active Myofascial Muscle Therapy is designed for individuals with chronic  shoulders/back muscle pain of level of 7 or above. 


Client's active participation is required for faster muscle pain relief or reduction/elimination of muscle stiffness. 


This service is NOT a regular massage, as it targets specific back muscles. 


Active Myofasical Muscle Massage Therapy guarantees to  relieve or reduce chronic muscle back pain within a few minutes into session. (Based on realistic expectation i.e. pain level 7 to a level  4 or 3). 


Clothing removal is only necessary for the body's specific area(s)  being treated.


Massage Therapy
Active Myofascia Massage Therapy
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