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From the Desk of Violet Harrigan, LMT

I am a 2007 graduate of Atlanta School of Massage in Atlanta, Georgia

with credentials in Therapeutic Massages and Spa Treatments. As an

Independent Contractor in Atlanta, I worked in the chiropractic settings,

airport settings and spa industries. My specialty was and still is having the

skills and ability to relieve clients' muscle tension in neck, shoulders and

back pain.

Additional education as a Trained Active Myofascial Therapist™-The Diamond Method has elevated my status of a soft tissue Pain Relief and Movement Specialist, focusing primarily on the neck, shoulders, and back.


Prior to my passionate massage career, my caring nature took me on the

path of servicing individuals with "hidden disabilities" at The State of

Georgia, Rehabilitation Department.

My experiences including military service of the Armed Forces have

expanded my knowledge to work with with a variety of people from all

walks of life. I am excited to have the knowledge, ability and experience

to provide therapeutic service in the health profession.

It was my pleasure to serve my country while in the Armed Forces, and

now it is my pleasure to serve you and my veteran family.


I look forward to seeing you soon.

Violet Harrigan LMT

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