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Pain Relief

It's Time To Stop The Pain

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Pain Relief Specialist

I specialize in people who desire focus work and want relief from muscle pain of Level 7 or higher out of Level 10.


Focus Treatments

Focus treatments involve chronic or acute neck, shoulders or back pain due to repetitive motion, illness, disease, or injuries.

Chronic and acute muscle pain suffers have benefited from my pain relief treatments of Active Myofascial Therapy™. 

The benefits include the result in achieving clients’ goals of relieving pain, providing better body movements, improving daily routine functions and activities with friends and family as well as experiencing a better night’s rest.


Result Driven

As a small business owner and the only operator in Suite #216, located at 507 Ocean Blvd, St. Simons Island - you will have my undivided attention in addressing your needs.

Assessment of visual inspection of posture, range of motion, gait, palpation and normal activities are considered during an evaluation process.

Sessions are result driven, therefore; fees are based on the value of the results.


Call our office to book your pain relief session.

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