Violet Harrigan
Pain Relief Specialist & Licensed Massage Therapist



Active Muscle Massage Therapy Program is designed for individuals  with chronic muscle pain level of 7 or above.  Client's active participation is required for faster muscle pain relief or reduction/elimination of muscle stiffness.  This service is not a regular massage, as it targets specific muscles for neck/shoulders or back.  Active Muscle Massage Therapy guarantees to  relieve or reduce chronic muscle pain within a few minutes into session. (Based on realistic expectation i.e. pain level 7 to a level  4 or 3).  Clothes removal only for body area(s) being serviced.  This program cannot be scheduled online due to its uniqueness.  Contact provider.


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Active Myofascial Therapy Program 

(Consultation-Qualification-Programs not for relaxation.)

Active Myofascial Therapy Program is designed for individuals experiencing acute pain level of 7 or above due to neck, shoulders or back injuries.  Program sessions require client's interactive participation to address specific muscles injuries.  AMTP guarantees to (a) reduce muscle pain, (b) have more flexibility and (C) increase range of motion with realistic goals.  Clothed sessions.   This service cannot be scheduled online due to its uniqueness.  Contact provider.

Pain Relief Therapy neck, shoulders or back
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Deep Pressure Massage Therapy Value Pack (all inclusive result 90 minute  session) is a specialized form of bodywork designed by Violet.  Deep Pressure Massage Therapy Value Pack is a highly effective method to address and relieve tension in the deeper layers of the body tissue. Also it is an ideal overall therapy to address and release chronic body stressed due to misalignment, repetitive motions and lingering injuries.  This service is recommended for executives, medical professionals, computer technician or end users, office and outdoor workers, golfers/athletes. Communication during the session is encouraged to make sure you do not become too uncomfortable.  Keep in mind that soreness in some cases may occur, but not likely if correct treatment is provided.   Click on link to book an appointment


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Relaxation Therapy (all inclusive result 90 minute session) is a blend of therapeutic relaxation styles with body creativity.   It combines an array of flowing strokes such as rolling and stretching to help the body improve its blood circulation. This is a complete full body experience that will take you to paradise.




The benefits of this type of bodywork are wide-ranging and include relief from superficial aches and pains, decreased stress levels in the body, enhanced mental clarity and improved appearance.  

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